Womb Healing Course

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Sacred Arts of Womb Healing

Are you suffering from stress, fatigue, PMS or painful periods?

Do you feel the call to improve your womb health and explore your menstrual power? 

Or have you been diagnosed with a health condition with hysterectomy as your only real option?


If so, you may have experienced physical or emotional trauma that affects your womb health.

I am here to help you uncover the source of your pain and receive support on your healing journey that goes beyond medical solutions and physical pain relief. 

On the Womb Healing course, you will be guided to your true centre, your sacred Womb, with the intention of healing the traumas that underlie your painful experiences.

The Womb Healing course offers insight into a womb-centred lifestyle. You will learn practices that allow you to explore your own personal and collective wounding, unfolding your unique healing journey.  

What is Womb Healing?

Womb healing is based on the ancient and primordial understanding that the womb of each woman is a centre of creation itself. Because of this, the womb’s emotional, physical and spiritual health affects not just the individual’s life but also the collective feminine presence in our world today.

With thousands of years of oppression behind us, we carry the burden of our ancestors, our foremothers and our society’s approach towards women in the world. For example, society has routinely shown a lack of respect and mistreatment towards mothers’ wombs’. All of this is held in our collective Womb today.

When we experience pain in our womb, whether mild or severe, this is a product of trauma we experienced or are still experiencing in our lives, and can also have ancestral roots.

Most often, we find that treating just the physical symptoms doesn’t solve the emotional and ancestral roots of the problem – and often, it’s not even possible to successfully treat the symptoms without delving more deeply into their origins.

On the Womb Healing course, you will access tried and tested ancient and modern healing practices. You will release fear and shame from your experiences and from past generations as you restore the honour and respect your womb deserves.

About the Course

In this course, I am offering a new perspective to healing, practices that work, and tools you can use to free yourself not merely from the physical symptoms, but from the core of your pain and the womb trauma as well.

The course will encourage you to once again look at and treat your womb in the sacred way that was intended. You will begin to transform your life in alignment with the rhythm of Earth’s natural cycles.

Taking part in this course will also offer you a way to embody your Womb power and contribute to your personal and collective healing.


What will you come away with? 

  • The ability to journey deep into your womb space
  • Discovery of the sanctity of your menstrual cycle
  • A new and profound understanding of your emotional and ancestral womb traumas, including what trauma is, what kind of trauma you store in the womb, and why it is stored in the Womb.
  • The knowledge of how to release these traumas from the womb so that you can heal these wounds
  • Sustainable pain relief 
  • Freedom from struggles with your cycle
  • New sexual freedom as you embrace the importance of mutually pleasurable and open lovemaking
  • The possibility to experience Conscious Conception 
  • A rebirthing of your Womb as the Source of Power.



So, if you are ready to …

  • Honour the importance of your own healing and how that affects the collective Womb
  • Learn the tools that support self-healing
  • Find out about practices that promote pain relief, including lifestyle changes, so that you can experience freedom from cyclical pain
  • Release emotional and ancestral blocks
  • Listen deeply to your Womb wisdom so that you know when to say yes or no in your life …

…It’s time to begin the deep and nourishing journey into your sacred womb space and learn the art of Womb Healing.


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