Values and Aims

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Temple Values and Principles


  • At the Temple of Sacred Arts, we follow the Ancient Egyptian Path and Traditions through remembering, reclaiming and educating. 
  • Although we are deeply devoted to this particular path, our experiential Mystery School, ‘Academy of Sacred Arts’ offers education on many different path and lineages, with equal and utmost devotion. We recognise that we are all connected and our journey is to share freely and openly. Whatever different paths we walk, we are all in service to humanity. 
  • Some of our teachers hold lineages going back several hundreds of years and we are grateful for their presence and contribution.
  • All teachers at the Temple are dedicated Priestesses, trained or dedicated at the Temple.
  • Only fully dedicated priestesses teach degree courses, while many of our keepers offer valuable contributions to our work in other forms.

We believe in the importance of understanding the culture which inspired the Egyptian Traditions and from which the myths and legends we work with have emerged. Therefore, we encourage all areas of study of ancient culture. Immersion in this energy deepens our ability to integrate the wisdom of our spiritual forebears as we seek to honour the living culture of Egypt and Nubia. Music, dance, song, chant, language, history, art, healing, ritual, divination, folklore, and traditional crafts and practices all hold deep spiritual lessons and are paths of service in our Tradition.

Rather than the modern Calendar, which was unknown to the ancients, we follow the Egyptian Lunar calendar for our Ritual Workings.

We strive to heal ourselves and gain inner clarity so that we are not ruled by the unconscious motivations of Shadow. When we see with new eyes, we expand our perception of the Universe and our place within it. We do not seek psychicism for its own sake. ‘Psychic’ abilities (the Sight) are the by-product of our work, not the reason for it.

We value the unique expression and equal balance of the many and various aspects of the all – feminine and masculine, light and dark, body and spirit – as symbols of the polarity in our world. 

We believe the energetic and spiritual balance need to be held through individual intention and we aim to honour that belief through our work.

We honour the ‘Great Universal Goddess’ in all her aspects and beauty and promote integration on the soul level.

We honour the ‘Divine Sun God’ in all his peaceful forms.

We welcome all participants with a calling and dedication regardless of age, ethnic or religious background, belief system, sexual orientation or gender identification. 

Because the process of initiation is different for men and women, we initiate them separately on the Priestess / Priest training. If someone identifies as transgender or non-binary, they would have a choice to either have their initiation privately or as part of the gender group they identify with. 

We look at our community and its members on an individual level and therefore our students are selected based on their devotion to their own path.

We value the beauty in nature and the earth is under our holy protection.

We value unique and individual expression and authentic presence.

By virtue of the Goddess Isis, Bastet and Sekhmet we value, respect and support mothers, young children, and sisters suffering or who have been subjected to abuse.

We welcome path seekers and old souls with the same open and unconditional love.

We value and advocate a judgment-free sister and brotherhood and have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of exploitation, racism, sexism, or hate speech.

The Houses

Much like some of the Ancent Temples We also have houses dedicated to a specific diety and ther work with in the Temple.

House of the Feline Goddess is a circle for sisters and brothers on the Path of the Sun dedicated to Sekhmet, Mut, Bastet.


House of the Blue Lotus is a women only circle of the Devotee’s of Isis, Aset and the Path of the Stars.



Temple Aims

  • The Temple is a sacred cauldron of inspiration, protection, love and unified consciousness.
  • We aim to provide a safe space where all mystics, pagans, spiritual, and religious practitioners can share and grow.
  • We aim to act as a virtual educational hub for those wishing to study cosmic, spiritual arts and Egyptian magical practices in a more academic way.
  • We aim to also provide a space for curious individuals in the community to experience ‘Ancient Kemetic’ Teachings and other practices in an accessible and affordable way.
  • We are fortunate to have very well read and experienced teachers in the sacred arts. We are always open to welcoming new and devoted individuals to the temple, aiming for expansion and growth in all areas of our practice.
  • We are also at the beginning of an expansion process to provide a Sanctuary for those who seek to spend their devotional time in nature and are looking for ways to help their local community directly. To find out more about our Sanctuary project click here.



Want to work with us now or in the future, gain experience and support the Temple?

We are always looking for new team members, temple keepers, Priestesses and Priests to join The Temple Team. Contact us by using the form below for more information.

To apply to one of our training courses please visit our Academy page.


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