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The Feline Goddess is as charismatic and wild as it gets.
This is an important aspect of Ancient Cosmology as Egyptian gods were specifically worshipped and identified based on their humanlike characteristics, behaviors, and personalities.
Especially the Gods/Goddesses portrayed with animal heads,
as these animals were closely observed and studied by the Egyptians. They were specifically chosen to represent the deity’s most prominent characteristics, based on the animal’s behavior in the wild.

Specifically, the Lion and the Cat were observed and worshipped for their ability to camouflage, their courageous but wild nature and their fierce protective attributes toward their offsprings and members of their pride.
Lionesses are the hunters and providers of the pride and Cats to this day have the highest rate of successful kills when it comes to hunting.
In Egypt, feline goddesses are the ultimate providers and protectors with caring and nurturing attributes.

Cats are a symbol of protection and healing in many other ancient traditions. Sometimes also associated with darkness due to their nocturnal nature.
However, this does not mute their wildness or domesticate or demote their higher nature to roam free and show off their temperament when the time calls for it.
The Egyptian priesthood worshipped cats as gods but also as a guardian of the underworld. They said to have been able to freely walk between our world and the afterlife.

The Egyptians recognized the lioness as both the destroyer and healer in one, She is the feared and respected one, the distant goddess that roams free. The divine protectress of her children.
Here, we can recognize a parallel in the characteristic of our innate feminine nature.
A truly wild woman is recognized, but also feared and considered untamable. In today’s world, we make the mistake stigmatizing such women as dangerous instead of respectable, due to our detachment from the Sekhmetian presence within. This creates an existential fear where we begin to fear our power, instead of connecting to it.

To connect back to our inner feline we now must begin the long journey of rewilding our hearts. Just like the feline goddess we too, must walk between the worlds ( symbolically ) and allow our anger and frustration to be felt, recognized and expressed in its rightful setting,
where it counts, instead of suppressing and internalizing this anger.

The feline goddess character is unapologetic, powerful, raw, with a huge heart for it’s loved ones and those in need.

Are these characteristics familiar to you?

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