Temple Dancing

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The Way of The Temple Dancer

History of Temple Dancing

Dancing as an offering to the Divine was present in many cultures from ancient Egypt to India.



Egyptian temple dancers were performing devotional rites, during funeral ceremonies, just after mummification was completed, dances were performed by a specialized group of ladies known as “The Acacia House” to invoke the Goddess “Hathor “and guide the spirit to the gate of afterlife, this includes posture gestures and secular dance specific to the ritual. Celebratory dances were also performed by the temple dancers during the celebration of the Sun god “Re” on the returning of the light.

These dances were always performed either by priestesses or priests or by the royal family.

Temple dance was a ritual practice and was never performed in public, due to its sacred nature.

In South Indian cultures the Devadasi was a Temple priestess, ceremonially married to the high god and performed daily rituals in a form of singing and dancing. Devadasi was a deeply respected position and as a high status in the society of its time. A Devadasi had to satisfy her own soul while she danced unwatched and offered herself to the god.

Temple Dancing Today

In today’s society, dancing is often only for entertainment and missing the element of devotion and soul elevation of the Dancer and the true meaning of the dance.

This sacred dance encompasses all movement that expresses or enhances spiritual experiences.

It may be a part of your devotional work, a group experience or a private spiritual practice.

Temple dancing gives you a way to connect to the divine and speak from your soul whilst stratifying both body and spirit.

As a temple dancer, your sacred path is of joy and devotion, and support the returning of light through you. This can be practised as a professional dancer or as a devotional offering.

You can be a solitary temple dancer as well as sharing your art in your community.

The world needs you to come forward and share your passion, love, and devotion through your dance.


How to become a Temple Dancer?


The way of the temple dancer course

Level 1

This is an entry-level course through a period of 3  weekends starting in 2019 April.

What do we offer?

  • To help you reconnect with the dancer within you.
  • To learn about devotion, self-love, creating a connection between body, soul and the divine.
  • To learn the basic technique, of ancient temple dancing, passed down to us from the Devadasi.
  • To create your own devotional dance style and learn to freely express yourself through movement.

No previous dance experience needed, we are dedicated to offering you all the tools required to reconnect with your body and develop the self-confidence needed to step into this art.

As this course requires a lot of self-work and self-development, entry is subject to approval.

We only train a few individuals on this course to ensure the art stays pure and well presented in the future.

Request a Course Overview


You can apply to this course by completing our application form here.

Application Form



We offer a sliding scale scholarship for this level based on household income.

Household income below 18,000 per annum £450

Household income between 18,000 – 28,000 per annum £580

Household Income above 28,000 per annum £710

To secure your place £70 non-refundable deposit is requested upon approval. Prices above are excluding this deposit.

(Please don’t send any deposit until your application is approved by us.)

For more information or with any questions please feel free to contact us at templeofsacredarts@gmail.com



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