• Divine Union

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    God and Goddess in Sacred Unity

    The aspects of the Goddess Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Bastet are all different expressions of the One feminine consciousness.

    This understanding now comes back to earth.

    It helps men and women to awaken and to regain their true power and to become alive again. For the men it is a wake-up call to no longer suppress their feelings and to express them without fear of being ridiculed. For the woman it means they can now be in their truth without getting too masculine, they can be soft and powerful at the same time.

    The divine child is a symbol of the completely balanced energies of masculine and feminine. So, Horus is a symbol for that, the child of Isis and Osiris, the symbol of divine balance. As a divine child of the Goddess, it is helpful for us to feel the presence of the divine child within us, it creates balance within ourselves and it allows the Goddess energy to flow through us.

    Through our connection with the Goddess, we find our balance, spiritually, emotionally and physically. New preferences and new consciousness arise. Giving and receiving, action and reception are balanced.

    We are here to keep this gate open for you to witness the unfolding of such consciousness and rebirth of the divine child within.

    Duality in the Egyptian pantheon

    Whilst dedication in service to the goddess consciousness, and to the cause of returning her to the rightful place of true recognition and balance, acknowledgement and devotion of her masculine partner is equally as important.

    All Deities in Egypt have partners and children, to represent their power is strongest in unity.

    There is no goddess standing alone without her husband or masculine equal.

    They together represent balance and more often than not, complement each other.
    There were times when the goddess was addressed and called upon for her unique attribute and quality. But even within that invocation, there is always a note or mention of her masculine partner.

    Ra – Hathor
    Nut – Geb
    Osiris – Isis
    Seth – Nephthys

    Most ancient spells are written addressing them together or one as part of the other and vice versa.

    “Thy young one in the Aten within the arm of your mother Hathor”
    Adoration to Ra

    “ Osiris stands upon his throne according to her word “
    Him to Isis

    They are together holding the transformative wisdom of the universe.

    To acknowledge a Goddess’s devotion to her masculine counterpart is to accept and adore her fully

    There was no inequality in the Egyptian pantheon and whilst some gods were less popular, their equal opposites were always just that, equal.

    “No one shall disrespect the king in my presence”
    Isis in the house of Seth

    It is important that whilst we are actively working to return the goddess consciousness to our present world of patriarchy we do this with the vision of balance in mind.

    To own our own power, we need to see the Unity in this Divine Duality.

    No opposite can exist without the other… think about it.

    They are not truly separate at all but are only two faces of the same  – just as with Goddess and God. The many are the One and the One is the many… all goddesses and Gods are of the source.

    All life is from the same Divine Source and is it is Divine – being animated by the Spirit.

    This new world we are now ready to create shall be better than the ones before.

    We are not here to return a failed matriarchal consciousness we are here to restore her “the goddess”, into the feminine consciousness,
    to her rightful place and whilst doing so, healing the wound of the masculine presence.

    Resurrecting the dismembered king, who was once loved and adored, to now and once again be by her side.

    Just as the Lady Isis goes through her journey full of difficulties and challenges to return the life of Osiris, out of pure love for her beloved and through him for all of us, in need of rebirth.

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  • Why We Love Cocao

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    Six reasons we love Cacao?


    Cacao opens the heart and allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with yourself, others, the world and all of life.

    It promotes powerful journeying and connection with your spiritual wisdom.

    3  THERAPY
    Helps in bringing awareness to things that have been preventing you from creating the life you love. Also aids in releasing repeated patterns, beliefs and blocks which could be stopping you, slowing you down or standing in the way of creating the life you love.

    Stronger connection with the higher self (intuition, soul, God, Goddess etc.). This leads to an enhanced connection with your own power and truth, your divinity. Cacao is a powerful facilitator allowing you to delve into your pain.
    “You gotta feel it to heal it.”

    Once you FEEL your pain (sadness, anger, grief etc.) you won’t keep manifesting situations to feel these feelings. You live a freer, happier life, without constantly being triggered. Releasing these emotions allows more light, love and magic into your life.

    Powerful, and deep meditation enabling you to connect with your spiritual nature, accessing the wisdom within. Meditation is much easier and more beneficial.

    ‘The healing occurs in the stillness.’

    It calms the left brain chatter and allows us to delve more into that ‘no mind’ space of bliss.


    More enhanced, balanced and connected male & female energy. Male and female energies are within everyone. When these energies are in balance, you live a harmonious life magnetizing all you love.

    This integration also leads to enhanced effectiveness as the divine creator and super manifesting machine that you are, in essence.

    The balance of male and female energies allows you to receive inspiration (feminine energy) AND act on it (masculine energy).

    If you feel you could benefit from any of the above you can check out our upcoming Cacao inspired event, or book your one to one introduction to cacao.


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