Handfastings and Sacred Unions

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The tradition of Handfasting dates back to pre-reformation Celtic and pagan communities, to mark a sacred event of the union in marriage.

Handfasting is a focused intent of love and hope for a beautiful future, held by sacred celebrants and Priestesses to make this special day truly magical.

Your ceremony is bespoke and adaptive to the tradition you follow and offers a beautiful symbolic way to show your commitment to one another.

The Ceremony

The sacred marriage ceremony takes the couple on a journey around the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, so it includes a ritual for each of the elements.

We provide the equipment needed, such as incense bowl and incense for the Air ritual, which represents the beginning of your relationship. The Priestess Celebrant smudges you both with incense hand-blended by Priestesses to cleanse and make ready for your new life together as married beloveds.

At fire we bless your union with the sacred temple flame of the Goddess of Love, Fire represents passion and the fire of love in your relationship. During the ritual, you are both invited to light your own candle from the temple flame and so keep it as a perpetual flame of love with the deep connection to the Temple wherein you spoke your words of truth and love.

For the water ritual, we have the temple chalice, which holds the waters of the red and white springs, collected ceremonially by Priestesses the evening before your Marriage. The element of water represents the emotions flowing freely with the Ocean of your love as you take your vows and say the legal words.

At Earth we have the handfasting ritual, which is the deepening of the sacred marriage. Here we favour the hoop and wand method, but handfasting cords are available also. The groom creates his wand from a fallen branch that is a gift from Mother Earth on the forest floor or even driftwood from the seashore. This represents the sacred masculine and is prepared by the husband-to-be. He may sand, carve or oil it, then decorate it with crystals and copper wire – all done as he feels his creative flow and thoughts of his beloved and his role in the family. The hoop is traditionally made by the bride from withies, flexible lengths of willow wood, and decorated with silk flowers, ribbons and crystals.



We are happy to travel to your chosen location and support you in preparing for your big day.

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