Priestess Dea

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Priestess Dea is an Ancient Historian specializing in Religious, Occult and Folklore studies. She is our Co-Founder and High Priestess of Aset and devotee of Sekhmet.

Dea is a citizen of Gaia, having lived in Eastern Europe, Egypt, Spain, South Afrika and traveled the world before calling the UK her current base.

Coming from a long line of medicine women and sacred healing practitioners and Preastesses she was fortunate to grow up amongst inspiring, strong women who held space for her to grow spiritually. She is devoted to the study of natural medicine, Archaeology, Egyptology, and Occultism.

She started her priestess journey somewhat by faith moving to  Egypt in 2009. Her experience of the Goddess in Egypt during her ordination is still, to this day, vividly alive providing her with the inspiration and devotion to continue walking the path, creating, transforming and serving with her guidance.
Since then, She has devoted my life to studying the ancient wisdom in service to the divine presence of what some might call divine feminine presence or All Goddess. Dea has a deep connection to the feline magic called “sekhem” and made many pilgrimages to sacred sites to deepen and integrate this practice when she is not guiding initiates on the priestess path, she practices Egyptian mystics in her coven “House of the Blue Lotus”.

She has received advanced training as a Temple Priestess and has taught ancient devotional art forms for the past 4 years.
In 2014, She  received the vision of a Sacred Temple Space from her Matron Goddess  and guide Aset (Isis) as a seer and channel for the divine, she now help other women develop a deeper connection with Isis, Sekhmet, Bastet, Hathor through the Temple Arts, and practice of both “heka” and “Sekhem”.

Dea is a Creatrix of the Temple’s most enrolled Priestess Apprenticeship Training Course, as well as a translator of the manuscripts, the training course is based on. Her expertise in ancient Egyptian, Latin, and occult text translation, she is a spiritual mother and guide to many.

Dea is an experienced magical herbalist, and medicine women specializing in divinatory magic and enchantments.

Holding space for women and young girls in regular circles over the past few years has led her to understand the need for an inclusive Sacred Temple space with free accessible education, healing and support: a place for real sovereign unity, with the recognition to individual courage and the presence of feminine power in each of us.

At the Temple of Sacred Arts, she wishes to hold a kind of space that is respectful toward ancient principles but also accommodates the rapidly changing understanding of mystery teachings in our society. In this sanctified space, She holds our vision of restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful place in our hearts and in our society. I provide a pillar of balance in our dualistic world.


Other Qualifications:

MSC Ancient History and Classics 2014

Isiac Clergy ~ Dedicated in 2009

Sacred Ceremonialist (Glastonbury Goddess Temple ) ~ 2017

Honorary Priestess Hierophant of Isis ~ 2017 (Fellowship of Isis)

High Priestess of Aset (House of The Blue Lotus ) ~ Dedicated in 2014

Red Tent Temple Facilitator Training (with Alisa Starkweather)

Priestess of Sekhmet – House of the Feline Goddess

Ritual Herbalist ~ Since 2018

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