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The word Sekhmet in raw translation means “strength” and as all feline goddesses have feminine attributes it is safe to say that this strength is not in any way limited to physical strength, but more so the strength of the intuition, a kind of “gut” strength tied in with the solar center (solar plexus).

“Lionhearted goddess of the first time” I heard my ancestors call her many years ago.
But what does it really mean to have this power, this strength of the heart today? And how do we achieve such strength only reserved to a divine mother?
To step beyond fear, in our actions and wield a power that is fueled by devotional love, not in purely words or thoughts, but a physical manifestation of our current reality.
It is a kind of strength mothers have when their children are in danger, a primal and raw power that fuels our soul and comes from the “belly of Sekhmet ” soul-deep fire.

You can witness this extraordinary and bold bravery in the world today demonstrated by many, yet it is difficult to hold, as with such strength comes also the polarity of rage and destruction often misdirected and disembodied in our masculine egocentric world.

In order for the embodiment of this strength to last, one must go through a journey of metamorphoses. A disfiguration of the body a dismantling of the ego and the mortal self in every layer of consciousness.
“The lioness rips the soul apart so that at the right time she can put it back together again in alignment with the stars in the heavens.”

The Initiation into the power of Sekhmet comes through the victory over fear and pain. Not an overcoming but a deep allowing acceptance where fear no longer affects our experience and pain is not limiting.
When I hear this I imagine a world where the fear-based manipulation we all experience now has no real effect on our existence and reality.
But we must come to realize that not all of us carry the lion’s power within, and only some of us are tasked with the experience of this transformation to influence the many.

The Primal power embodied by her is not only divine strength but a force to be reckoned with.
She is unquestionably the power of the sun as it warms our hearts and transitions us. Preparing us to stand up firmly against the injustice of the world.
So in the end, only the pure strength of the lion’s heart remains.

The Lionhearted
For me, lion heartedness is a combination of pure love and courage. This is in a way infinite and limitless. Caring not, for pretend perfection or existence of time and humanlike ideals. It is just raw and unconditional love by creation. For those of you blessed with the lionheart a major task has been given at the moment of creation, coded into your star chart, your DNA and your numerology. One which will test and prepare you for the Return of the Original Mother, Mother of The Sun God… The Strength of the Heart.



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