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Dear ones we have moved our audio files to

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Please enjoy our guided meditations and rituals and audio teachings!

We aim to upload new offering material every month.

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Translated Adoration to the Goddess

 Listen to the audio of the Adoration, please visit our Guided Meditation playlist on Sound Cloud.

Adoration to Aset

NEHES, NEHES, NEHESAwake, awake, awake
NEHES EM HOTEPAwake in peace
NEHEM EM NEFERUFlower in beauty
NEBET HOTEPETLady of offering
WEBEN EM NEFERURise in beauty
NUTJERT EN ANKHGoddess of life
NEFER EM PETBeautiful in heaven
PET EM HOTEPHeaven is in peace
TU EM HOTEPEarth is in peace
NUTJERT SAT NUT Goddess daughter of Nut
SAT GETDaughter of Geb
MERT AUSARBeloved of Osiris
NUTJERT ASHA RENUGoddess rich in names
ANET HRAK ANET HRAKAll praise to you
TU A ATU. TU A ATU.I adore you







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