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Learn the Sacred Arts of the Goddess


Do you feel a calling to explore your sacred relationship with the Goddess? 

Do you wish to learn practices that answer this calling and which are also beneficial to the Earth and to your community?

At the Temple of Sacred Arts, our way of teaching offers a unique fusion of tradition and innovation that empowers, trains and prepares our students to embody their Priestess/Priest role.

Whether you have just a little experience in the field of Egyptian Goddess mysteries, or you desire to deepen your already thriving study and practice, our Apprenticeship Degree Program will give you all the skills and practice you need to become a strong pillar for your own community, exemplifying service and dedication to the Goddess. 

Rite of passage

On our Apprenticeship Degree program, you will … 

  • Become a wisdom keeper of the ancient Egyptian traditions, language, and practices.
  • Explore your divine talents and gifts
  • Grow in self-inquiry and self-development. 
  • Experience the deeply empowering yet humbling presence and support of the divine feminine through both your studies and your service.
  • Gain the confidence and grace to embark on your journey of ‘priestessing’ or ‘priesting’, well-equipped to establish yourself in this vocation, wherever you are in the world.


As an apprentice, you will dive deep into:

  • Ancient Egyptian ritual and healing practices
  • The Egyptian pantheon and mystery practices
  • Creating deeper emotional and physic connections
  • Self-mastery and devotional skills
  • Plenty of practice in self-reflection
  • A solid grounding in various disciplines.
  • How to be in service to the goddess in our modern world
  • Embodying the values and principles of Aset, Mother Goddess of Egypt.

The personal development benefits of this course are profound. Your full participation can gift you with:

  • Healing of wounds caused by the patriarchy and the lack of feminine values in our society.
  • Healing the Father and the Lover wound.
  • An experience of divine love and learning to love unconditionally.
  • Releasing judgment and self-criticism.
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs.
  • A better understanding of Universal Law and how to live in harmony with Gaia.
  • Learning to recognise the difference between light and dark.
  • Developing strong and sustainable practices.
  • A better relationship with your body, voice, feelings and intuition. 
  • A deeper and clearer understanding of high wisdom.


Our comprehensive program includes the following study subjects:

  • Connecting to divinity
  • How to hold a sacred space
  • Holding a temple space
  • Ancient Egyptian teachings
  • Priestessing in today’s world
  • Ideals of Ma’at
  • Wisdom of Thoth
  • Healing with Aset
  • Practical ‘Heka’ of the Ancients
  • Priestess of The Universal Feminine
  • Working with the laws of the Universe
  • Practical worship, ceremony and ritual
  • Service through dance, prayer and devotion
  • Clairvoyance and intuitive development
  • Dream walking and lucid dreaming as divination tools
  • Art of anointation
  • Rite of passage practices

How does it work?

The Apprenticeship Degree program is available online and includes one-to-one, private mentoring tailor-made to your learning needs and interests. The course also encompasses online learning and homework that you can pace around your life commitments. 

You will attend at least 2 hour-long private sessions per month. The intensity and the way the session meetings take place is entirely up to the preferences of the student and the mentor.

We ask for a 12-month commitment, which is the minimum time required to learn and integrate the material and practices. On average, though, the course takes about 15 months to complete, including your initiation. We welcome all religions, ethnicities and genders to this training and participants can join from anywhere in the world.

For our students who live abroad, we offer regular Skype sessions, whilst for local students (in the UK) we provide regular one-to-one meetups and long weekend options.

All successful students will be certified and supported by the Temple after completion of their course. This course is a prerequisite to Priestess of Aset Initiation and dedication as Priestess of Aset.

Because of the Temple values quality over numbers, we only accept a limited number of students each year. Our students are exceptionally skilled and committed individuals, who we are very proud of. We are immensely grateful for their deep devotional work and commitment to the Temple and to the Goddess.

We aim to support our newly dedicated Priestesses/Priests beyond their studies and assist them in setting up their own temple spaces or other projects.


Do you feel the call to step into your Priestess or Priest role and begin to serve from a place of deep wisdom and integrity? Apply now for only £333/month by completing the application form below.

Application Form

After your application has been accepted and a place has been offered to you, you can secure your place on the course with a non-refundable deposit of £100.

Full Course Exchange is £3,999

Instalment payments through the 12 months of your training are available to make the course more accessible.

We offer course fee discounts to some students, in difficult circumstances, as part of our concession program.





Your Questions Answered: 

Do I need to have any previous training to start this course?

No, but a basic understanding of Ancient Egyptian practices will come in handy.

Do we only learn about Isis and Isiac practices?

No. The course gives you the opportunity to experience other relevant deities and develop a connection with them, too. You will also learn many other ritual practices which can be personalised later on.

Do I have to dedicate after 1 year?

No. You will be Initiated after your first year but you can take up to 3 years to dedicate as a Priestess or Priest.

What happens after the course?

We will welcome you into our Temple circles and you can choose to either study further and eventually establish your own Temple or stay active with the Temple of Sacred Arts after your Initiation. 

Can I meet with my mentor in person?

Yes, if you’re in the UK. We encourage all UK Apprenticeship students to take at least some of their sessions in person.

Does this course cover historically accurate content?

Yes. We teach our students formulas that are passed down to us from the Egyptian Gods and aim to be as accurate to tradition as possible. We use material only from trusted sources such as the wall carvings and paintings in The Book of the Dead, Book of Nu, Book of Gates, etc. 

What circumstances would qualify me for a concession?

Click here to find out more about our concession system.

Does this training require a lot of commitment?

The training is very flexible and can easily be personalised to fit around your commitments. However, the Path of a Priestess/Priest does require both commitment and devotion. 

Are you ready to ANSWER THE CALL?

Application Form


While we are confident in the skills and practices mentioned above, nothing we do is set in stone. Therefore, some of the course content detailed may be adapted or omitted, based on what our trainee Priestesses/Priests need. Additionally, as we work through the year, new subjects and studies might be added to the course program to satisfy our student’s interests.

We are located in Glastonbury, Somerset, on the Sacred Isle of Avalon, in the United Kingdom. If you have any other questions or want to discuss whether you’re a fit for this program, please get in touch with our tutor team here.




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