House of the Feline Goddess

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House of the Feline Goddess is the Sanctuary of the Great Heart,

A place where power comes from love as the ultimate moving force of the universe.

Because the feline goddess is the holy protector of our ecosystem and our connection to the stars.

As a circle, we desire to serve not from the mind but our lionheart as a place of divine courage, bravery, and power.

The members of this house are devoted to Sekhmet, Mut, Bastet, and all felines divine and embodied on Earth today.

Sisters, brothers, a pride, a family, sacred activist, and guardians, of the feline race which is considered the true Mother Line following the Wisdom of the Original Mother of the Earth the Lioness Goddess Sekhmet and her creation story as the life-giver.

Carrying the sun in our hearts not with misplaced pride but with humble devotion, only to inspire change and demolish greed and fear as the driving force in our current reality.

The work of the House of the Feline Goddess is multidimensional and it is focused on many aspects of guardianship and literacy.

Who we are

The House is run by Children of the Feline Goddess trained and dedicated by The Academy of Sacred Arts Priestess Apprenticeship training Many of us are activists, ritualists, conservationists, historians, mothers and teachers in the world but we are all one pride here united by a common goal and equal passion.

Our Work

The House focused on sacred activism and feline protection all over the world as well as education and training in both Feline Mythology, Symbolism History and Priestessing as a devotional art from.

We desire to help women and men reconnect to their inner sun goddess and their feline value system.

Our Values

1. To follow the sacred path of devotion.

2. To celebrate nature and within and in acceptance of the self.

3. To share our wisdom and space with a community spirit.

4. To Encourage change and new creative ideas supporting each other to grow and claim true leadership.

5. To Protect and guard what is sacred with the fierce strength of a Lion.

6. To serve Mother Nature and the greater good of humanity.

7. To connect to the solar tradition through love.

8 To be authentic in our work and everyday practices.

9. To live in full alignment with the teachings of the Original Mother.

10. To protect and teach the sacred feline arts.

11. To Preserve Ancient Tradition and heritage.

12. To discover and study cosmic wisdom.

13. To restore balance purity and harmony in our current environment.


Our Offerings

A community of aspiring and inspiring people living in truth and dedication toward nature both in the mundane and mystical.

Empowerment and recognition of sacred value within each individual.

Ancient practices kept and trusted to those inclined to protect such heritage.

Egyptian Mystical art of Sekhem thought and practice with authenticity.

Regular gatherings to create and nurture connection.

Sacred Activism projects for you to get involved with and take action.


Ongoing projects

In our efforts to reconnect to ancient principals and introduce discussions on feline values and recognition of divine leadership carried in the fe -line world view.


We are also hosting two illuminating events next year dedicated to the Star Lion and The Golden Lioness held in Glastonbury Uk.

Return of the Star Lion conference

Return of the Lioness Benefit Ball


Join the House of the Feline Goddess

This sacred space is currently open for Members for a small fee and it is free for all students, and initiated Priestesses training with Temple of Sacred Arts.

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We do ask you to adhere to our core values and complete an application form before joining. Your application will be viewed by our core members and a welcome letter will be sent to you upon acceptance.


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