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Votive Work Dedicated to Sekhmet Goddess of the First Time


‘My power of the ultimate source of light shines through the Golden River of the First time.’

Golden Meridian

The Mystery of the Golden Path, also known as the Golden Meridian or Neolithic Meridian, is hidden in plain sight only revealed to those who look beyond deception. To understand the teachings of the First time we must recognize that there is, in fact, no separation between etheric and physical reality.

In Ancient Egypt life depended upon the Nile, a river purposely created to follow the exact path of the *Zepi Tepi Meridian an etheric line stretched through the continent of Afrika, Europe, and the Arctics.

Here Sekhmet was recognized as the Original Mother of the first inhabitants on earth. She created life on our planet, along this very meridian.  Therefore the energetic gold print of her creation is forever present within these sacred lands. This meridian is not a place of unvisible lay lines or earth grids but a birthplace of life itself where all realities are simultaneously coexisting.
In this space of multiple realms, star beings have walked before us and the embodiment of divinity is still present in the form of The Star Lions ascended to Earth.

The wisdom of the Zepi Tepi is shared in the Origin Story of Sekhmet ‘Mistress of the beginning’. It is also the birth story of Lionian consciousness.
When the Goddess descends from the stars in a golden-like halo, as warm and as bright as the sun, she is the Eye of the sun and the primal force behind the creation of life. Along the Golden meridian, the birthplace of all life, magic was potent and this magic allowed for many extraordinary things to take shape and come to being. Gold was abundant in the area (still is) as well as clean clear water. Oasis-like plants, and magnified energy fields. Many species moving to the area have begun to give birth to white-colored offsprings. Such as the White Lion of Timbavati the region alongside the Golden Meridian. This time of abundance is what many today may call the First Golden Age.

Mother of the First Time

Sekhmet as the lioness mother is existing out of our human concept of time.

“She was, is and will be…”

Many of the mythological heroes are connected to her source of power, by association. The ‘Lion God” Horus, Jesus as the “Lion of Judah” and King Solomon, are all children of the Sun Goddess. They all have a deeper connection to the Golden Meridian over the people of this day and age. This is either achieved by direct ancestral bloodline or through initiation.
Lion symbolism traveled far from the Afrikan continent and became a symbol of royalty all over the world. Especially in England, the Lion represents not just a distant relationship to the original kings but a sovereign right to power.
With this association of power, the Golden Lion represents the purity of the first time. But in this case, they are merely symbols chosen from desperation to reach as far back in time as possible, with no real connection to the purity of Sekhmetian values, strength, and power, the Lion of Judah or the majesty of the Lions roaming the Afrikan plains.

Children of Light
In Ancient History, we can see The Sun goddess who rose to power shared creational wisdom with mankind repeatedly.
We can see a sad story unfolding where the *Age of the Beast is all but forgotten along with the values and respect for Lionian consciousness and with it our recognition of the Lions as guardians and sacred animals.
Man has become corrupted by the gold, greed and the desire to control life Whilst the lionhearted presence has almost disappeared. Allowing space for fear and survival-based energy to take control of our hearts.

As the Goddess brought her children to the Light, encouraging them to speak up and share her taught wisdom. They met with obstacles and disrespect by the misguided masses and their fear-based value system.
Ancient ideals such as the one of Ma’at are vastly unknown or unheard of.  Even now only a select few following the Lion Priest/Priestess path is adhering to these ideals and calling for others to do the same.


The Lion consciousness is now returning to our daily life, It has been working its way to our heart since the early ’90s and encouraging us to respect the sacred. Break free from fear, and take our tasks as guardians and protectors. Since then many have been called to devote their lives to this path and become influential characters, activists, writers, and priestesses. Today temples are dedicated to the Divine Mother (much like ours), with a divinely guided sacred agenda to restore the golden light and create a new kind of guardianship. A brave and lionhearted consciousness. To restore the rites and practices that allow *sekhem to flourish in our world today. Many of our sisters and brothers are activists philanthropists, way-showers and healers.




*Zepi Tepi: Ancient Egyptian translates directly to ‘First Time’
*Sekhem: Ancient Egyptian a type of life force and creative power later associated with Sekhmet.
*Age of the Beast: Astrological Age of Lio




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