Goddess Healing

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Created by the Priestesses and healers of our temple, we offer Goddess inspired therapies to support your healing journey.

Beautifully held therapeutic sessions to expand your consciousness and support emotional healing.

In combination with hands-on healing and herbal remedies offered to complement your treatment.

This method has been successfully used to help you with the following:



Healing chronic illness and fear-based traumas of the body with the empowering energy of Goddess Sekhmet. Releasing emotional blocks, past life traumas, overcoming loss with the supportive wisdom of Goddess Isis.

Balancing the energies of the womb and grounding your feminine essence with the gentle guidance of Goddess Hathor.



Preparation for Goddess Healing

The more you are able to prepare for a session, the more potential benefit you will receive. It is good to reflect on what you wish to achieve from the session. In practical terms, it is important not to have any alcohol or recreational drugs the day before, the day of the session and the day after, as it will interfere with the progress and the treatment itself.

Please also make sure you fill out our health form in advance so we can ensure all your needs will be met.


Therapy session

On the day of the session drink plenty of water.

At the start of the therapy session, the practitioner will talk with you about the issue and together you will explore possible outcomes. You will be lying down, fully clothed, or can stay seated if you are more comfortable in that position. The therapist will give you a guided journey to help you relax, whilst the energy is channelled. You will be asked to breathe in and out through your mouth to create a profound experience. The therapist may place their hands on different parts of your body to direct the energy.

The healing helps relax the body and mind. Some people may experience physical sensations such as heat, cold, tingles or see colours, or emotional release of Crying, laughing or both. Others may go into a deep state of relaxation, or even fall asleep. Areas which are diseased may be painful, however, the pain usually goes away after the session. All these experiences are normal and due to the energy moving through and unblocking the meridians in the body. Each session lasts an hour and a half.




To book a healing session please contact Dorina at


or call 07706 203637 for a free phone consultation.

At House of Tea and Chi (Apple Tree Therapies) 17 Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9NE.

To ensure we are giving you the treatment best suited for your needs, please complete the Health form as accurately as possible prior to your appointment.

Health Assessment Form

If you need to book a different time or would like us to visit you at home please discuss your options with your therapist when booking your first appointment. We like to be as flexible as possible.

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