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Welcome to The Temple of Sacred Arts Community

New in 2019


The Blue Lotus Sanctuary Community Village project is our collective dream coming true.

We have begun to fundraise to create a Sanctuary in nature where we can learn to reconnect with Mother Earth, in a non-harmful and self-sustainable way. We also set to build a Sacred Arts School with community accommodation.

You can find out more about this project here.


Rituals for the Community

In 2018 we have decided to offer all our Rite of Passage Ritual for free and bring ceremony, tradition and joy back to our daily lives, through holding ritual space for the significant events in our life such as a Menarche, Birth of a Child, Sacred, Union, Moving into a new home, Birth and Death. In traditional societies, rites of passage include transitioning into adulthood, becoming an elder, making a partnership commitment, or honouring the life journey of someone who has died or is dying. In the Western world, many of our rites of passage have been lost over the centuries or replaced with generic, commercialised versions such as getting our driver’s license to signify new adulthood or the big white wedding to symbolise commitment in love. This can leave us with a lack of meaning, purpose and integration into the community around us.

You can read more about the Rite of Passage Rituals and what we offer Here.


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