Blue Lotus Sanctuary

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Blue Lotus Sanctuary and Community Village

Imagine … 


  A peaceful community in the beauty of nature, where we serve the earth that is under our holy protection

The opportunity to immerse in deep wisdom teachings, practices, and integration on the soul level with other like-minded people  

A judgment-free space where unique, individual expression and authentic presence is woven into the fabric of everyday life

A sacred cauldron of inspiration, protection, love and unified consciousness


We are currently raising funds to acquire the land where this vision can be anchored: We want to create a spiritual community based on earth stewardship which embodies the values and principles of the Temple of Sacred Arts, which you can read more about here. 

How will the community work?

The community will be run along permaculture principles.  

We aim to be fully self-sustaining within the first 3 years in terms of food and energy.

We will start with the permaculture aspect and then build the school and the accommodation.  

We will use natural material for building purposes and accommodate traditional practices in as many aspects as possible.

We will stay fully off grid.

We will create orchards, a vegetable garden and a medicinal herb garden and will have both an outdoor and indoor kitchen.  

On a day-to-day basis, the community will be run mostly by trainee priestesses who live on site or nearby. 

We will welcome volunteers and students to have immersive experiences in the community, coming to learn about permaculture, sustainable living and wisdom teachings. We will not charge for stays but as the project develops we may offer experiences, tools and products for sale as part of the experience. 

What will people get out of visiting our community? 

The opportunity to work and live within an earth-based, Goddess-focused community 

A return to nature 

 Experiencing a sense of freedom and creative expression that is extremely rare in our society 

  Training in the ancient arts and traditional Earth Priestessing. This will be grounded in real-life experience rather than just theory. 

Where we are now 

We are currently at the first stage of fundraising, where we need to acquire the land. We are looking for between 3.5 – 5 acres with a water source, a bit of woodland and either an old farmhouse or a barn we can convert.

We are looking at the areas of Somerset and Devon and also the Republic of Ireland. Auctioned farms would be the best option.  

How you can become part of our exciting vision 

By becoming a donator, you will be supporting us to … 

… Create a community where the depth of our communion with the earth receives ample time, space and creativity, restoring us to harmony with ourselves, each other and our Mother Gaia. 

… Give vital education opportunities in the skills of sustainable living. This is increasingly urgent in these times of environmental crisis.

… Bring the values of earth-honouring and feminine, ancient spiritual paths back into the world, so that more people can experience a deeper connection to their spirits and themselves.

… Seed an exciting development in community living, where we can learn, grow and expand together, each giving our unique gifts to co-create something greater than we could alone. 

Any and every amount is beyond a blessing and greatly appreciated. 

Go Fund Me

The Benefits of Donating to our project 


Supporters who donate £ 50 (single membership) or £ 75 (double membership) will become a Friend of Blue Lotus Sanctuary. The benefits include an invitation to our Solstice Ceremony event twice a year, an exclusive monthly newsletter, and, of course, the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to birth this life-enhancing, earth-protecting project into the world. 


If you choose to donate £ 500 or more, you will receive:

  • A 30 % discount on all courses and workshops offered by the Temple.
  • Private use of the facilities available on the land on selected days.
  • Plus all the same privileges as Friends.


Generous donations of £ 1 000 – £ 10 000 will give you Guardian status. This involves receiving: 

  • A share of our produce and use of our Sacred Space. 
  • Invitations to our Annual Guardians Dinner and Embodiment Evening.
  • Monthly Report on our progress and projects.
  • Plus the same privileges as Pioneers.

Let’s raise a community of wisdom, insight and co-creation that sustains our earth for generations to come.  Please share widely among your networks. With deep and humble gratitude for your love, support and generosity.


 or visit our Go Fund Me 


Visit our community page to find out more about our offerings and devotional work.

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