Academy of Sacred Arts

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Training Courses and Workshops


Priestess of the All Goddess Apprenticeship online course 

Our School

Thank you for your interest in training with our Temple.

Walking the path of the divine light in beauty and truth.

We are a branch of  the Original Mystery School and individual training centre.

Our School specializes in Priestess/Priest training available on a one to one basis, where students meet with their mentor regularly throughout the course, usually for a year to 3 years with experiential work to be completed in between.

Our courses are designed to support students on their journey and inspire spiritual growth, whilst developing their relationship with their chosen Deity.

Entry level course students initiate through the wisdom of Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.

We are here to provide you with full support and guidance and teach you the necessary skills to fulfil your chosen role.


Our Ethos

We believe that the role of a Priestess/Priest is a beautiful, devotional service to ones chosen deity and community. Although in some cases the term “Priestess” is misunderstood in today’s world. We understand it to be a respectable, rewarding path.

When you step into a path of a Priestess/Priest you become the advocate of divine light, a pure channel of rebirth and constant growth of unified consciousness.

You represent the divine through your actions, creativity, and work. We aim to educate all our Priestesses/Priests in learning the necessary skills to support others in their healing and guide them toward their true path.

Our aim is to teach you the skills that are most aligned with your individual role and talent.

We believe that the path of a Priestess/Priest is a selfless one that is available for anyone but not all have the commitment, nature, and strength to walk it.

Please consider what “Devotional work “ and “Service” means to you before committing to our program.

If you wish to find teachings for self-healing and personal growth, please visit our teaching page for more information on how we can support you.

We pride ourselves on having talented and well-established practitioners in our Temple and amongst our students.

To apply to any of our Priestess/Priest courses, please complete the Application form.


What our Students Say

“I didn’t realize how much this training would change my life until towards the very end of it. Both my personal and my spiritual life has transformed drastically. It isn’t really about the modules or the teachers but what this specific temple and path gives you, thats what makes it all so powerful. I am grateful for my teacher for sticking with me through this course and for the depth of encouragement and wisdom I received from the other temple members. Life-Changing course for sure. “

“Training with the temple is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I was skeptical at first but I found real support and mentorship on this course with exceptional teachers. During my training, I have gone through a difficult time in my family and personal life and I received nothing but unconditonal support from this school.”

“The Priestess training altered my life and how I practice as a Priestess in my community. Dea has been a fantastic guide throughout the course and beyond. I always had the opportunity to go deeper with what I was inspired by and there was plenty of time for integration. The Temple offers a support system so you can put your own devotional work out there with confidence.”

“I loved working with Dea and learning about the ancient ways, she works around your schedule and guides you through the steps in your own time which was very important for me, I am going to apply to the upcoming priestess trainings also.”

“Life-changing and well worth the investment, what you get in exchange is a new perspective on universal existence, which is truly priceless. There is a large volume of study material and the course itself is very practical and focuses on your personal experience. If you are into Ancient Mythology, Egyptian Cosmology, and rituals, this is the best course you will get.”

 “I have trained in many different modalities before I come across this temple. Mostly shamanism and other healing traditions. I didn’t realize I was collecting courses like pokemon card, mostly because I was ungrounded and uncomfortable within myself, my mentor took me back to the very basics and together we built a system that works for me without fail. I received guidance and support when I needed it as well as constructive criticism and both I deeply honor and appreciate. Casting with the Egyptian Gods is the most powerful practice I found to date. I am overjoyed to be an initiate of the Mysteries.” 

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