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Welcome to The Temple of Sacred Arts

This is a sacred space of learning, growing, and practice of devotional work to the Universe, Earth and all her beings.This temple is a vision for new humility to live, in a fully embodied and enlightened way.We are here to support your spiritual growth and self-exploration by offering information, education, and guidance on your path.

Sacred Arts

Sacred Arts are a primal and ancient way of connecting to the creator and all its creations. Its purpose is to find the divine essence within us all, so we all can embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine. We invite to join the Temple and continue to learn cosmic wisdom and truth with us.

Upcoming Events

Womb Healing Online Mini-Course Enrollment Opens Spring Equinox

Find out more about the Sacred Art of Womb Healing.

Let’s heal our collective trauma and wounding together.


Navigium Isidis 5th of March 2019

  Ritual Celebration of the Lady in her Sea Goddess Aspect, with a  Temple Procession and Ceremony.

You can access the Ritual Guide for Navigium Isidis below online below.


Isis and Osiris Mysteries Workshop Immersion

24th -26th of May 2019:

Click on the picture below for more information on how to apply:


Priestess/Priest Training


As an education centred Temple, we offer a unique individual Priestess/Priest Apprenticeship program on a one to one bases.

Through a 1-year training with sessions each month and self-experiential work in between.

Our Priestess mentors will mentor you through your journey and teach you all the necessary skills and abilities you may need on your priestess/priest path.

 We have chosen to work only with one individual at a time, so we can focus on your true talents, emotional needs and spiritual journey in depth.

To find out more, please visit our Teachings Page.


Teachings Page



Please follow our FB community page to connect with our Temple Keepers tribe.

Keepers of Sacred Arts


We are committed to sharing the wealth of resources, recordings, sound healing and meditations in an accessible way, that live within our Offerings page, with ALL —whether you’re in one of our deeper initiation training or not, this content is free. Enjoy!



Support our Mission

Imagine … 

✨ (star symbol) A peaceful community in the beauty of nature, where we serve the earth that is under our holy protection ✨

✨ The opportunity to immerse in deep wisdom teachings, practices, and integration on the soul level with other like-minded people ✨  

✨ A judgment-free space where unique, individual expression and authentic presence is woven into the fabric of everyday life ✨

✨ A sacred cauldron of inspiration, protection, love and unified consciousness ✨

We are currently raising funds to acquire the land where this vision can be anchored: We want to create a spiritual community based on earth stewardship which embodies the values and principles of the Temple of Sacred Arts, which you can read more about here. 



🔮🧿📿⚗️ 25/03/19 to 31/03/19 The Temple Of Sacred Arts Weekly Oracle Reading:

💫 Dear ones, This is Lexi with your weekly Oracle reading for The Temple of Sacred Arts. This week I am using The Psychic Tarot by John Holland. This reading covers Monday 25th to Sunday 31st March 2019 inclusive.
I trust that you will take from it only what has meaning & resonance for you:

🏆 Card 1) Memories of Love:
The week you are likely to start with a trip down memory lane. This could come from contact with someone (friend, lover, relative or colleague) from your past, finding an old photograph or an object that once meant a lot to you, a reunion planned or unexpected. This may have a bittersweet effect on you. You may long for simpler times or for some part of the past. Make sure you affirm the person you are now and recognise the journey that got you here as important & worthy regardless of any pain & disappoint along the way. Treasure your memories & enjoy your blast from the past but the past isn’t a dwelling place, come back into your present with gratitude.

🃏 Card 2) New Beginnings:
Having had a reminder of who you were, has helped you recalibrate your life’s SatNav to redirect you into a new beginning in some aspect/s of your life. You have become clearer & more focused on where you want to go in these areas of your life. You just need to follow your intuition to know your next logical step forward. You do not need to be able to see the whole change from beginning to end, you just need to take one step in the right direction for you. Every journey starts with one step. With a big or small one, step out with confidence into this new beginning...

🔵 Card 3) Third Eye Chakra:
The universe loves an intentional gesture and will support you in following the steps after the first step is taken in the direction of manifesting your passion in any area of your life, large or tiny. The most significant way you receive cosmic support is via your third eye (just above the bridge of your nose between the central ends of your eyebrows.) Your third eye has 20/20 vision & you will always do well when you follow it’s guidance. Here are some suggestions to enhance & get the clearest messages & other support from your third eye;
*reduce drinking alcohol or stop drinking any,
*stop using products with fluoride, parabens, artificial colourants, artificial flavours or preservatives.
*reduce or preferably stop intaking the news via television , newspaper or online.
*declutter your living space, workplace & online space.
*take pharmaceutical drugs only when absolutely necessary.
And enjoy absolutely clear vision...

Namaste ✨🙏🏼
Personal readings are available via Skype, FaceTime, Telephone or email. Please text 0792 358 3660 or email: book in with Lexi.🔮🧿📿⚗️

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🌹Sacred Arts of Womb Healing
Mini Course 🌹

Womb healing is based on the ancient and primordial understanding that the womb of each woman is a centre of creation itself. Because of this, the womb’s emotional, physical and spiritual health affects not just the individual’s life but also the collective feminine presence in our world today.
With thousands of years of oppression behind us, we carry the burden of our ancestors, our foremothers and our society’s approach towards women in the world. For example, society has routinely shown a lack of respect and mistreatment towards mothers’ wombs’. All of this is held in our collective Womb today.

When we experience pain in our womb, whether mild or severe, this is a product of trauma we experienced or are still experiencing in our lives, and can also have ancestral roots.
Most often, we find that treating just the physical symptoms doesn't solve the emotional and ancestral roots of the problem – and often, it’s not even possible to successfully treat the symptoms without delving more deeply into their origins.

🌸With this mini course you will gain...

* The ability to journey deep into your womb space
* A discovery of the sanctity of your menstrual cycle
* A new and profound understanding of your emotional and ancestral womb traumas, including what trauma is, what kind of trauma you store in the womb, and why it is stored in the Womb.
* The knowledge of how to release these traumas from the womb so that you can heal these wounds
* Sustainable pain relief
* Freedom from struggles with your cycle
* A new sexual freedom as you embrace the importance of mutually pleasurable and open lovemaking
* A rebirthing of your Womb as the Source of Power.

🌸If You are ready to….

* Honour the importance of your own healing and how that affects the collective Womb
* Learn the tools that support self-healing
* Find out about practices that promote pain relief, including lifestyle changes, so that you can experience freedom from cyclical pain
* Release emotional and ancestral blocks
* Listen deeply to your Womb wisdom so that you know when to say yes or no in your life …

…It’s time to begin the deep and nourishing journey into your sacred womb space and learn the art of Womb Healing.

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Happy spring equinox…and may Isis and Osiris inspire and bless you in this season of growing light and life.

Further, on the first day of the month of Phamenoth, they hold a festival which they call Entry of Osiris into the Moon, for it is the beginning of spring. Thus they locate the power of Osiris in the moon and say that Isis, as the creative Principle, has intercourse with him. For this reason, they also call the moon the mother of the world and they believe her nature to be both male and female since she is filled and made pregnant by the sun while she herself in turn projects and disseminates procreative elements in the air. (Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris, 43).......

continue here...

🌹Healing the collective Womb space🌹 . . .

🌹Ancestral and Emotional traumas are the main cause of imbalance in a Women’s Womb.

🌹Trauma can be anything we are unable to process or deal with.

🌹Ancestral traumas are carried in our DNA 🧬

In most cases we live without the conscious awareness to why we feel triggered by curtain situations, sound, smell, or touch.

🌹Sometimes this can cause pain, frustration or even regular infections in our physical Womb space.

🌹To heal our ancestral womb is more then just becoming pain free, but also releasing these traumas to free ourselves and allow the sacredness of our womb to be recognised once again.

Sacred Arts of Womb Healing

Online Course
Enrolment is now open!!!

Sign up here👇🏼

Sign up between the 21st to 29th of March and recieve a 10% discount using promo code: Equinox19

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