The Temple

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Welcome to The Temple of Sacred Arts


This is a sacred space of learning, growing, and practice of devotional work to the Universe, Earth and all her beings.

This temple is a vision for new humility to live, in a fully embodied and enlightened way.

We are here to support your spiritual growth and self-exploration by offering information, education, and guidance on your path.

Sacred Arts

Sacred Arts are a primal and ancient way of connecting to the creator and all its creations. Its purpose is to find the divine essence within us all, so we all can embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine. We invite to join the Temple and continue to learn cosmic wisdom and truth with us.


Upcoming Events

 Temple Dancing Workshop,  April 2019

Click on the picture below for more information on how to apply:

Isis and Osiris Mysteries Workshop Immersion

24th -26th of May 2019:

Click on the picture below for more information on how to apply:


Priestess/Priest Training


As an education centred Temple, we offer a unique individual Priestess/Priest Apprenticeship program on a one to one bases.

Through a 1-year training with sessions each month and self-experiential work in between.

Our Priestess mentors will mentor you through your journey and teach you all the necessary skills and abilities you may need on your priestess/priest path.

 We have chosen to work only with one individual at a time, so we can focus on your true talents, emotional needs and spiritual journey in depth.

To find out more, please visit our Teachings Page.


Teachings Page



Please follow our FB community page to connect with our Temple Keepers tribe.

Keepers of Sacred Arts


We are committed to sharing the wealth of resources, recordings, sound healing and meditations in an accessible way, that live within our Offerings page, with ALL —whether you’re in one of our deeper initiation training or not, this content is free. Enjoy!



Support our Mission

Imagine … 

✨ (star symbol) A peaceful community in the beauty of nature, where we serve the earth that is under our holy protection ✨

✨ The opportunity to immerse in deep wisdom teachings, practices, and integration on the soul level with other like-minded people ✨  

✨ A judgment-free space where unique, individual expression and authentic presence is woven into the fabric of everyday life ✨

✨ A sacred cauldron of inspiration, protection, love and unified consciousness ✨

We are currently raising funds to acquire the land where this vision can be anchored: We want to create a spiritual community based on earth stewardship which embodies the values and principles of the Temple of Sacred Arts, which you can read more about here. 



We will be doing Tarot/Oracle/lenormand readings from the 20th of Feb.

Online or Glastonbury based.

To book please message us privately... 🌺📿

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🔮🧿📿⚗️18/02/19 - 24/03/19 The Temple Of Sacred Arts Weekly Oracle Reading:

💫 Dear ones, This is Lexi with your weekly Oracle reading for The Temple of Sacred Arts. This week I am using The Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra & Candis Cantin. This reading covers Monday 18th to Sunday 24th February 2019 inclusive.
I trust that you will take from it only what has meaning & resonance for you:

🌙 Card 1) The Moon: You intuitive powers are accelerating and are especially powerful at the start of the week. The rest & recuperation you had last week has served you well and your pituitary gland is vital & strong allowing you to hear your soul’s intuition. Part of this will include things reemerging from your past for another layer of healing which allows you to further connect the dots with regards some of the cause & effect at play in your process. You may uncover a new dimension to your understanding that you are divinely protected & that your mind, heart & gut are crystal clear. Follow the next step in your path as it unfolds before you. If it feels right it is right go for it....

🏆 Card 2) Seven of Cups: You are faced with a plethora of opportunities which you will have to sift through to decide what is the next immediate step to take & where to focus your present moment energy. You will need to be mindful not to get distracted, fractured & over committed. Multi tasking is often a path to overwhelm so a decision followed by clear intention is key. Allow yourself you start and complete at task the breathe before going on to the next. You will get more done this way, that rushing around breathlessly from on thing to another in a state of quasi panic. Taking you time to decide what next & following it through is optimally efficient as well as soothing for your soul.

💫 Card 3) Four of Wands: Your home i.e. the people, places & things that bring you joy, contentment and peace are calling in your time & energy in a way that brings you a sense of being safe & blessed. This comes at this time to give you a sturdy foundation platform from which to view your life & your options. Allow yourself to bask in this supportive energy, which will fortify you to be who you you truly are and do what you are here to do. Finding a home with in ourselves is what bring true & lasting vitality & peace.

Namaste ✨🙏🏼
Personal readings are available via Skype, FaceTime, Telephone or email. Please text 0792 358 3660 or email: book in with Lexi.🔮🧿📿⚗️

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☥ As Priestesses of Aset we embody the values and principals of the goddess in her many forms and aspects.
Our Priestesses/ Priests are in service not just to the divine mother, but to their external communities.
Upholding the ideals thought to us by The Mother of Gods.

☥ Nurturing,
Wisdom keeping,
protecting life, and honouring death.
Healing the feminine wounds and safeguarding the next generation are our main focus and agenda....

☥ Our ritual practices honour the cycle of life and the changes of the stars.

☥ Our offerings are genuine and given deeply from the heart.

Find out more about our in house and online training.

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Returning to Nature

Mother Earth provides us with everything we need to live and grow on this planet.

As long as we are prepared to give back equally to what we have taken, she is committed to feeding, nurturing and protecting us.

Our modern society is built on the idea that without our technological and economic advancement we wouldn't survive. That we are incapable and unable to sustain ourselves, making us fully dependent on the system that is designed to destroy the earth and ultimately itself with it.

Scarcity consciousness and greed lead us down the path of destruction and now many of us find it hard to truly trust nature's wisdom.

We need to address these fears in ourselves in order to fully connect to her essence and find our way back to true divine feminine consciousness, with her values – to not just notice but fully embody this in every aspect of life.

The modern social structure we live in destroys real connection and village mentality, despite the fact that many studies have proven our sense of safety and health actually improves when we are surrounded by supportive members of our family and friendship circles or others we can trust. We find ourselves craving real human connection and the healing it provides, both psychologically and emotionally.

We are now called to let go of these fears of desperation, to release greed from our inherited mindset and embrace the role of protecting the earth.

The only way Gaia will receive us back to her arms is to shed the destruction of connection we once were partaking in and trust her unconditionally. To embody humility and take a moral stand for her and for our future.

In this sacred temple space, we call all participants to embody this vision, and began the journey back to her sacred Womb, the womb of Gaia, Isis, Earth Mother of humanity.

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