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Welcome to The Temple of Sacred Arts


This is a sacred space of learning, growing, and practice of devotional work to the Universe, Earth and all her beings.

This temple is a vision for new humility to live, in a fully embodied and enlightened way.

We are here to support your spiritual growth and self-exploration by offering information, education, and guidance on your path.

Sacred Arts

Sacred Arts are a primal and ancient way of connecting to the creator and all its creations. Its purpose is to find the divine essence within us all, so we all can embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine. We invite to join the Temple and continue to learn cosmic wisdom and truth with us.


Upcoming Events

 Temple Dancing Workshop,  April 2019

Click on the picture below for more information on how to apply:

Isis and Osiris Mysteries Workshop Immersion

24th -26th of May 2019:

Click on the picture below for more information on how to apply:


Priestess/Priest Training


As an education centred Temple, we offer a unique individual Priestess/Priest Apprenticeship program on a one to one bases.

Through a 1-year training with sessions each month and self-experiential work in between.

Our Priestess mentors will mentor you through your journey and teach you all the necessary skills and abilities you may need on your priestess/priest path.

 We have chosen to work only with one individual at a time, so we can focus on your true talents, emotional needs and spiritual journey in depth.

To find out more, please visit our Teachings Page.


Teachings Page



Please follow our FB community page to connect with our Temple Keepers tribe.

Keepers of Sacred Arts


We are committed to sharing the wealth of resources, recordings, sound healing and meditations in an accessible way, that live within our Offerings page, with ALL —whether you’re in one of our deeper initiation training or not, this content is free. Enjoy!



Support our Mission

Imagine … 

✨ (star symbol) A peaceful community in the beauty of nature, where we serve the earth that is under our holy protection ✨

✨ The opportunity to immerse in deep wisdom teachings, practices, and integration on the soul level with other like-minded people ✨  

✨ A judgment-free space where unique, individual expression and authentic presence is woven into the fabric of everyday life ✨

✨ A sacred cauldron of inspiration, protection, love and unified consciousness ✨

We are currently raising funds to acquire the land where this vision can be anchored: We want to create a spiritual community based on earth stewardship which embodies the values and principles of the Temple of Sacred Arts, which you can read more about here. 




We are an experiential Mystery School who follow the Ancient Egyptian Path and Traditions through remembering, reclaiming and educating.

Although we are dedicated to Isis, we honour many different paths and lineages with equal and utmost devotion. We recognise that we are all connected and our journey is to share freely and openly. Whatever different paths we walk, we are all in service to humanity.

Some of our teachers hold lineages going back several hundreds of years. All teachers at the Temple are dedicated Priestesses, trained and initiated by at the Temple of Savred Arts.

We are always happy to meet new people and answers any questions.

If you wish to find out more about our work, community, offerings, and projects.

Please visit the Link below

Or Read our Values and Aims

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Oracle of the Week

14/01/19 - 20/01/19

Dear ones, This is Lexi with your weekly Oracle reading This week I am using the Morgan-Green Tarot.

I trust that you will take from it only what has meaning & resonance to you:

⚖️Card 1) Justice: You are particularly clear of mind and know exactly what path you must follow and decisions & actions you must take for your higher good, life progression and for your soul’s development. Things you start this week could be short term but most will fully manifest over the next 10 months. The long-awaited transformation will take place incrementally over this time in such a way that you will be able to clearly see the progression.

🗡Card 2) Ace of Swords: The beginning of paths, projects & all new things requires the maximum focus of your energy. You have this focus. You slice through any unnecessary wasting of resources; time, energy, attention & funds. You are not waylaid by the drama of others. You move past the time of foggy thinking or unclear direction into a time of movement in a strong direction for you. You are not hurried but your journey is precise & swift. There is again a sense you are master of your own destiny.

🔮Card 3) The High Priestess: Your intuition is even stronger & more powerful than usual as is your faith. Take note of all messages received in night dreams, daydreams, feelings, thoughts, knowings synchronicities. These will erase any doubt that may creep in, any concerns you may have or any ways in which you might be prone to self-sabotage at any time. You know exactly how to be & what to do.
If you haven’t already, this is a good time to limit your intake of toxins such as additives, colourants & preservatives in your food, drink, cosmetics & household products. This will allow you to receive & manifest with the greatest clarity.

Namaste ✨🙏🏼

Personal readings are available via Skype, FaceTime, Telephone or email. Please text 0792 358 3660 or email: book in with Lexi.

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🧬✨Isis and Osiris Mystery Initiation ✨🧬

For those who seek a fresh start on a devotional path, this is the ultimate Rebirthing experience received through higher wisdom. During the workshop, you will receive a profound Initiation into the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris through emotional and spiritual rebirth.

The workshop is a journey of self-inquiry deeper into yourself with the divine guidance and assistance of our dedicated priestesses,

The Mysteries of Isis and Osiris uses one of the oldest and most extraordinary practices known to humankind, which has been passed down to us through the teachings of the Egyptian Gods.

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🌹Healing the collective Womb space🌹 . . .

🌹Ancestral and Emotional traumas are the main cause of imbalance in a Women’s Womb.

🌹Trauma can be anything we are unable to process or deal with.

🌹Ancestral traumas are carried in our DNA 🧬

In most cases we live without the conscious awareness to why we feel triggered by curtain situations, sound, smell, or touch.

🌹Sometimes this can cause pain, frustration or even regular infections in our physical Womb space.

🌹To heal our ancestral womb is more then just becoming pain free, but also releasing these traumas to free ourselves and allow the sacredness of our womb to be recognised once again.

Sacred Arts of Womb Healing

Online Course
Enrolment Opens on Imbolc 2019.

Sign up here👇🏼 and get a bonus video about Honouring our Sacred Womb Space!

. #wombwisdom #wombhealing #wombwellness #wombman #wombblessing

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