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Welcome to The Temple of Sacred Arts

This is a sacred space of learning, growing, and practice of devotional work to the Universe, Earth and all her beings.This temple is a vision for new humility to live, in a fully embodied and enlightened way.We are here to support your spiritual growth and self-exploration by offering information, education, and guidance on your path.

Sacred Arts

Sacred Arts are a primal and ancient way of connecting to the creator and all its creations. Its purpose is to find the divine essence within us all, so we all can embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine. We invite to join the Temple and continue to learn cosmic wisdom and truth with us.

Upcoming Events

Womb Healing Online Mini-Course Enrollment Opens Spring Equinox

Let’s heal our collective trauma and wounding together.


Navigium Isidis 5th of March 2019

  Ritual Celebration of the Lady in her Sea Goddess Aspect, with a  Temple Procession and Ceremony.

You can access the Ritual Guide for Navigium Isidis below online below.


Excerpt from The Navigium Isidis Ritual

Isis and Osiris Mysteries Workshop Immersion

24th -26th of May 2019:

Click on the picture below for more information on how to apply:


Priestess/Priest Training


As an education centred Temple, we offer a unique individual Priestess/Priest Apprenticeship program on a one to one bases.

Through a 1-year training with sessions each month and self-experiential work in between.

Our Priestess mentors will mentor you through your journey and teach you all the necessary skills and abilities you may need on your priestess/priest path.

 We have chosen to work only with one individual at a time, so we can focus on your true talents, emotional needs and spiritual journey in depth.

To find out more, please visit our Teachings Page.


Teachings Page



Please follow our FB community page to connect with our Temple Keepers tribe.

Keepers of Sacred Arts


We are committed to sharing the wealth of resources, recordings, sound healing and meditations in an accessible way, that live within our Offerings page, with ALL —whether you’re in one of our deeper initiation training or not, this content is free. Enjoy!



Support our Mission

Imagine … 

✨ (star symbol) A peaceful community in the beauty of nature, where we serve the earth that is under our holy protection ✨

✨ The opportunity to immerse in deep wisdom teachings, practices, and integration on the soul level with other like-minded people ✨  

✨ A judgment-free space where unique, individual expression and authentic presence is woven into the fabric of everyday life ✨

✨ A sacred cauldron of inspiration, protection, love and unified consciousness ✨

We are currently raising funds to acquire the land where this vision can be anchored: We want to create a spiritual community based on earth stewardship which embodies the values and principles of the Temple of Sacred Arts, which you can read more about here. 



What Is High Magic?

On a traditional Priestess Path, you work with a Diety ideally one that has chosen you directly or one you are dedicated and devoted to. .

The Gods and Goddesses become centre part of your practice instead of bystanders or supporting presence. When practising high magic there is a lot of room for error, therefore, regular practice and being trained well is equally important.
Your teacher can oversee and shadow your ritual practice until you feel confident to work on your own. .

High Magic also involves group work and require you to be familiar with the root of the tradition you practice in so you are able to pass on your knowledge to newcomers. .

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The Feather of Maat

We are admittedly live in turbulent times.

We see injustice and the actions of darker forces everywhere we look.
But something has now changed.

We see clearly,
we see the hate crimes,
the ancient sins,
the oppression of women and mothers, the destruction of our planet taking place.

It is no longer a background operation but something that is unfolding in front of our very eyes.

This is happening so that we are able to reflect on our own actions and enabling.
This is the time when we are all being testing agents the Feather of Maat and are asked to show up and demonstrate that we can indeed stand up for what's right and put our hearts on the line.

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Just a few things the New Apprentices will learn about on our Priestess of Isis Training Course.

🔆Ritual Practice and Holy Days

💧Egyptian Mythical and Historical Studies

🌹Symbolism and various interpretation and use...

🌱 Anointation practices and Oil Making

Application is now open... All the way until the Summer Solstice
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Welcome, Sisters and Brothers to the Temple..
We are a community focused Temple dedicated to Egyptian Occult and Mystical Practices.
If you are interested in the Temple's Daily life, finding out more about our courses and events and receiving our weekly oracle please follow us on Instagram: @templeofsacredarts

Alternatively, you can always find out more on our website:

Due to recent changes to how Facebook operates we are forced to spend less time here, So come follow us on Instagram for future updates.:)

With love and Blessings,
the Temple Team

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