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Welcome to The Temple of Sacred Arts


This is a sacred space of learning, growing, and practice of devotional work to the Universe, Earth and all her beings.

This temple is a vision for new humility to live, in a fully embodied and enlightened way.

We are here to support your spiritual growth and self-exploration by offering information, education, and guidance on your path.


We are currently accepting donations toward a new Sacred Arts Grove, with Sacred gardens and a Summer Temple, You can support this vision with your donation below.


Sacred Arts

Sacred Arts are a primal and ancient way of connecting to the creator and all its creations. Its purpose is to find the divine essence within us all, so we all can embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine. We invite to join the Temple and continue to learn cosmic wisdom and truth with us.


Upcoming Events

 Temple Dancing Workshop April 2019, Glastonbury

More Information Coming Soon……

Isis and Osiris Mysteries Workshop Immersion

24th -26th of May 2019:

Click on the picture below for more information and how to apply:


Priestess/Priest Training


As an education centred Temple, we offer a unique individual Priestess/Priest Apprenticeship program on a one to one bases.

Through a 1-year training with sessions each month and self-experiential work in between.

Our Priestess mentors will mentor you through your journey and teach you all the necessary skills and abilities you may need on your priestess/priest path.

 We have chosen to work only with one individual at a time, so we can focus on your true talents, emotional needs and spiritual journey in depth.

To find out more, please visit our Teachings Page.


Teachings Page



Please follow our online community page to connect with our Temple Keepers tribe.

Keepers of Sacred Arts


We are committed to sharing the wealth of resources, in an accessible way, that live within our Offerings page, with ALL —whether you’re in one of our deeper initiation trainings or not.

(These materials were only available to those in our mentoring programs).

We need all hands on deck, so we are offering these treasures for a pay-what-you-can contribution.

Your sacred exchange directly supports our temple vision to create a permanently available sacred space of free worship, spiritual development, education, training and support in the community.

We are grateful for your contribution, as it grounds this space of profound heart connection, healing, and remembrance for us all.


Offerings page


You can Support our vision for a Physical Temple Space with your donation below.



Last nights Autumn Equinox ( Stillnight) brought end to the old paradigm and events.

This is the point of discovery when the darkness has passed but the light isn’t here yet.

Giving us the opportunity to really discover ourselves in the process.

To see who we really are.

Blessed Equinox


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"The work of a priestess is to create and keep open a channel between the seen and seldom-seen realms in which we live, in relationship and in service to a community. It is not enough for the priestess to be able to contact spirit and travel in that dimension herself: a trained and experienced priestess can create a doorway between the worlds that is wide enough for others to join her there; and those people, by joining, expand the opening still further, so that the flow of power is strong and transformative for all present."

From Deidre Pulgram Arthan "I am the Earth: The Priestess in Service to Community”

Start your training with us now:

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Equinox Gateway Opening 🌏


Train the traditional way through One to One’s

Priestess of Isis Apprenticeship program. 🌹

“A Priestess is defined by her ability to embody the divine principals and act as a bridge between world.”🌙

You will be learning theory, mythology, practical and ritual skills, ancient methods and disciplines. 🌙

If you feel called to this path you can find out more via the link below.

Or chat with one of our fully trained Priestesses by messaging the page directly.

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✨We are excited to announce that our Entry level Temple Dancing workshop will be held again next year starting at the Month of April 2019. ✨

“Sacred dance encompasses all movement that expresses or enhances spiritual experiences. It may be a part of a worship service, a group experience or a private spiritual practice.”💃🏻

Temple Dancing is a unique aspect of priestessing and key to connecting to the divine. 🌹💃🏻🌹

~During this course you will learn to create profound prayers through movement.

~ The basics of Temple Dancing movements and their meaning.

~ As well as creating your own divine choreography of ceremonial dance.

With new income based prices, Applications are welcome from today till the 30th of March 2019.

Spaces are limited to 12 and are usually fill up fast so make sure to grab yours.
For more info please contact us via the page or visit:

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